Who We Are 

Emerging Technologies, LLC. is a custom equipment supplier to industry: concept through deployment. We offer a family environment within a small business located on the shores of Lake Michigan. We pride ourselves in a relentless focus on meeting the changing needs of our customers in support of leading edge technologies.  

Major Emergence 

Emerging Technologies has been operating in north-east Wisconsin since 1999. What started as a home based business has grown to 10,000 square feet of engineering and manufacturing operations. We have developed a diverse customer base including many Fortune 500 companies serving a wide variety of markets and industries.  

To celebrate 15 years of test systems innovation, Manitowoc's Lake shore Chronicle featured Emerging Technologies in the "Progress" column. Emerging Technologies has been doing business in Manitowoc since 1999 with systems all across the United States and 3 countries worldwide. 

Join Our Team 

Determined on growth, our organization seeks professional fulfillment for those that grow with us. Successful individuals will be business/profit minded, confident, methodical, success driven, and most importantly ethical. 

We employ engineers of any discipline, software developers, fabrication & and assembly technicians, machinists, draftsman, and administrative staff, and even interns to keep our wheels turning. 

Submit your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can add value to our growing team.